Educator Collaborative

We are currently building the curriculum for GE Experience: South America and want the best of the best on our team. We think the best way to create a interactive, engaging experience for the classroom is to involve those who do it best.

This collaborative will consist of teachers selected based upon an application and phone interview. Each team will be focused on perfecting the curriculum, interactive experiences, and classroom activities for their appropriate grade levels. The Collaborative will be made up of four teams:

- Elementary (5 teachers, grades 2-5)
- Gifted and Talented (5 teachers)
- Junior High (5 teachers, grades 6-8)
- Highschool (5 teachers, grades 9-12)

We encourage (and need) you to pass this on to any other teachers you think will be interested and can help make GE Experience: South America the best multi-cultural curriculum available!

So what’s in in for you? Other than being involved in an amazing, innovative new program, we are excited to offer FULL credit in all materials produced by Forward Foundry relating to the GE Experience: South America. We believe GE Experience: South America will be an award-winning program that is already being acclaimed by educators nationwide.

What’s involved? We know you are already stretched thin and probably without compensation. So we are working on streamlining our processes in ways to leverage your expertise without taking too much of your time. We will be looking to you to provide expertise on how to refine lesson plans, add engaging activities, and be a critical eye on all that we produce to ensure we achieve excellence in all that we do.

Deadline for application is December 15th!

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