Lesson Plans

The pressures put on teachers to teach, grade, prepare, and evaluate can be overwhelming as it is. That’s why the GE Experience provides teachers with fully developed lesson plans with everything they need for students to have a successful adventure with Toby and David.

Our lesson plans minimize teachers’ preparation time and clearly define objectives, discussions, and great activities. Lesson packets include worksheets, talking points, and directions to other helpful resources for teachers; for students they foster creativity by encouraging reflection on other cultures’ ways of life and make exotic destinations come to life.

Lessons can be as long or short as teachers need them to be, and even though they cover locations around the world, they weave in core subjects like math and science as well. Also, for Texas teachers the plans are associated with TEKS standardized learning requirements, and we make it simple to see which lessons address which requirements.

Here’s a sample lesson plan from one of our Egypt lessons: